Maverick Whalley, Surrey – 125 个单位, 大温地区最能负担得起的公寓 – $325,000 起


Hey! I am first heading line feel free to change me

Please call me at ☎ 604-773-5317


With only 125 homes at incredible prices, we expect homes to sell fast. We will be allocating homes to those in a position to buy now. Please ensure that you have done the following:

Have picked out your home and filled in the Home Request Form by May 6
Been pre-approved for bank financing
Have a $20,000 certified cheque ready
Attending the preview & submitting a Home Request Form by May 6 is the only way to secure a home at Maverick.



Starting from prices:

Plan B 1 Bed Starting From $325,900
Plan C 1 Bed & Den Starting From $359,900
Plan D 2 Bed Starting From $429,900
Plan E 2 Bed & Den Starting From $489,900
Plan F 3 Bed Starting From $589,900

Tel: 604-773-5317




Plan B – 1房 起价$325,900加元起
Plan C – 1房&1书房起价$359,900加元起
Plan D – 2房起价$429,900加元起
Plan E – 2房&1书房起价$489,900加元起
Plan F – 3房起价589,900加元


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