Vancouver (Vancouver) coastline and is near many North Shore Mountains (North Shore Mountains), which to some extent explains Why the city in the Economist Intelligence (Economist Intelligence Unit) the world’s most livable cities frequently topped the charts causes. Vancouver is Canada’s sixth largest city, with a total population of 60.3 million people, distributed in an area of ​​115 square kilometers of narrow peninsula; it was winding rivers and harbor, is proud to have 18 km long beach. Vancouver, convenient transportation, good schools gathered, but also adds to its appeal, which more and more immigrants from mainland China selected this is especially true Chinese.

Vancouver and the Chinese hotbed long time. In the late 19th early 20th century, a large number of local coal mine employment as laborers Chinese moved here.

In the 1980s, Hong Kong businessmen Vancouver cheap land for real estate development with a total investment of up to tens of millions of dollars. Today, a quarter of the residents of the city’s first language is not Cantonese, Putonghua is.

Vancouver prestigious primary and secondary schools and institutions of higher learning is now the biggest selling point to attract international buyers, most of its top schools in the West may want to not make (West Side), here is the land of the highest prices in Canada.

According to the real estate company founder Bob Rennie Associates Realty • Rainey (Bob Rennie) estimated price of more than $ 2 million in Western homes, about 80% of buyers are Chinese people, they want to live in the adjoining West Point Grey Academy, St. George’s School (Saint George’s) and g Johor Dayton School (Crofton House) and other private residential area.

West Point a distant mountain views overlooking the sea and a five-bedroom house, Rennie & Associates Realty agency launched the price is 4.98 million Canadian dollars (about 4.83 million U.S. dollars). Relax intermediary company also introduced a Western set with indoor pool, seven bedroom home, it covers an area of ​​1.15 hectares, the price of 17.8 million Canadian dollars.

University of British Columbia (University of British Columbia) is a leading Western universities, but also attracted a lot of attention from buyers attention. Sotheby’s Canadian International Real Estate Limited (Sotheby’s International Realty Canada) President and CEO Ross • McCredie (Ross McCredie) estimates that 10% -15% of the West End apartment housing homeowners are international buyers. “Many people in this study, it will advance the room for their children ready, because they feel it is stabilized by investment,” he said.

Vancouver is regarded as relatively safe investment, the reason is that it’s more healthy development of the property market. Despite the end of 2012 when the rate has declined, but the entire property market in just 18 months time, quickly from the crash of 2008 in the revived. “Just in terms of investment in real estate, compared to the United States, the Chinese people are more optimistic about Canada,” Vancouver independent investment broker Andre • Enge (Andrea Eng) said. “Property development is very strong, as the United States, Canada does not add too many restrictions on foreign immigration.”

Richmond (Richmond) is a southern suburb of Vancouver, the standard of education in state schools can fully comparable with Western private schools. The lot in accordance with the grid-based development model, so there are a lot of public green building, in addition to many independent residential driveway left. Richmond International Airport and eight kilometers from Vancouver, is a very popular international buyers home ground.

Since the 2010 Winter Olympic Games (Winter Olympics) has been greatly improved from downtown Vancouver to the airport transport facilities. Canada MRT Line (The Canada Line) is a subway extension line, runs through the city, and now from downtown Vancouver to the airport MRT line just 25 minutes.

MRT line along the Canadian developed around the apartment housing shortage.

For example, said, adjacent to Canada’s Ocean Avenue Station MRT line (Marine Drive Station) The Marine Gateway area (see right), held in March 2012 pre-weekend event, all 414 apartments housing were sold out .

However, various buyers condo growing interest, and is not limited to the MRT line surrounding areas; brightest intermediary noticed this change in the entire city of Vancouver are everywhere.

It is estimated that in the Greater Vancouver Regional District (Greater Vancouver), the baby boomer generation who hold the hands of as many as 88 billion Canadian dollars in unsecured assets shrink their own clothing dieting, financing their children buy property. They chose to relocate Vancouver, hoping to enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle, while in neighboring Whistler (Whistler) or West Vancouver (West Vancouver) along the coast retain their original holiday house.

“Over the past five years, we have witnessed a fundamental change in attitude buyers,” 麦克克莱蒂 said. “We are willing to spend a lot of time pondering livable, gourmet blend of both good and convenient transportation home.”

Canada House was the 2010 Winter Olympics Canadian National Team (Team Canada) resident, it is the perfect fit lifestyle than residential. Former Olympic Village (Olympic Villag) has been transformed into a luxury sea view apartments, priced at $ 2.4 million -630 million Canadian dollars between.

Canada House residential area east of downtown Vancouver False Creek, from here walk to the hustle and bustle of Yaletown (Yaletown) and the Downtown area is just 25 minutes; residents can also take the MRT line five minutes from the city center and enjoy all Vancouver upscale restaurant’s cuisine – such as snatching food awards Hawke Cosworth restaurants (Hawksworth), It is designed to do is known for Contemporary Canadian specialty dinner.


Buyers guide

● Vancouver’s most pleasant climate in all of Canada, the average annual rainfall of 116 cm;

● 2011, the Vancouver vicious crime reportedly declined 9 percent;

● In Canada, once the purchase application is submitted, it has the force of law; buyers to walk away, you may be subject to prosecution;

● No more than six months living in Canada were classified as non-residents. They buy a house usually need to pay a 35% deposit;

● British Columbia’s real estate tax provisions are as follows: The total sale price of $ 200,000 before the levy rate of 1%, more than 200,000 Canadian dollars portion of a 2% tax levy.

Purchasing power

$ 600,000 in the central area of ​​Vancouver West End or Downtown to buy a two bedroom apartment;

$1,000,000 Canadian dollars to purchase a 4 bedroom in the suburbs independent housing;

$5,000,000 Canadian dollars can buy a set of five Western ideal bedroom seaview residential independence;


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